Funny Book Covers

It’s a bright and sunny Sunday morning, the birds are singing and it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher. So, just for a change, how about something a little bit light hearted?

In our line of work, we see many different kinds of book covers; some of them are amazing and pay great testament to the ¬†talented designers that created them, others aren’t quite so striking and tend to pass by generally unnoticed, whilst others are just plain absurd. It’s those latter offerings I’d like to focus on today, as we take a peek at a collection of covers that should raise a smile or too.

I have to mention that none of these covers are our work and each is the copyright of its respective owner.

What do you think? Have you seen any comical covers that could be added to this ensemble?

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  • Antony, I must say that I think you have produced something truly worthwhile and to be proud of.

    Gary Dutton MBE
  • Absolutely incredible work and excellent turnaround time! I will hire you each time I need a product created.

    Kimberly Wadsworth
  • Antony is the most brilliant ebook designer I have ever worked with. I've lost count of how many projects we've undertaken together.

    Sandra, Webprenuers
  • Absolutely fabulous as usual! The guys all love your design, thank you times a million!

    Julie MacKenzie
  • I've worked with Antony and Cheryl at Ebook-Designs for what seems like forever now - I can't comprehend our business with out them! The design work exceeds expectation and they are a true pleasure to work with.

    Steph Chadwich, Phil M Jones