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06 Mar

Difference between Kindle ebooks and PDFs

There's a lot of confusion regarding the production of books for Kindle and a lot of it is caused by our natural tendency to think of them in the same way as print book or...

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04 Sep

The Secret to Producing a Killer ebook for Content Marketing

Whatever your industry, an ebook can form a useful part of your marketing mix. You may even be using them already, but are you doing so effectively? When you use them properly they can form...

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14 Jul

Funny Book Covers

It's a bright and sunny Sunday morning, the birds are singing and it looks like it's going to be a scorcher. So, just for a change, how about something a little bit light hearted? In...

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03 Jul

Top 5 Tips for Having a Book Cover Designed

Having a book cover designed can be an exciting experience, but it can also seem a little scary if you've never done it before. Here are our top five tips for getting the most from...

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01 Jul

Judging a Book by its Cover

After what seems like decades spent locked in your spare room, away from your family, friends and loved ones - not to mention the hours of blood sweat and tears you've painstakingly invested - your...

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09 Jun

Watch the Ebook Design Video

Check out the new ebook design video:     The video give a brief insight into what we do and what we're about. To find out how we can help bring your book, or ebook...

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09 Jun

Choosing keywords for your ebook

Put simply, keywords are words, or phrases, that are entered into a search engine. This could be an internet search engine like Google, or it could be an internal search function, like the one provided...

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24 May

How do I Publish a Kindle ebook on Amazon?

Here at ebook designs we help a wide range of clients, from experienced publishing agents to first time authors. Whilst some of the people we work with are seasoned pros when it comes to publishing...

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16 May

Bridging the Generations

Whether it's our French friends and their fabled love of garlic or people with big feet and their big, ahem... shoes, we can all fall into the trap of stereotyping from time to time. More...

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03 May

All new ebook design site

After three years on the internet, we decided it was time for a bit of a makeover! As you can see, we've updated the website and gone for a fresh and minimal look that's reflective...

  • Antony, I must say that I think you have produced something truly worthwhile and to be proud of.

    Gary Dutton MBE
  • Absolutely incredible work and excellent turnaround time! I will hire you each time I need a product created.

    Kimberly Wadsworth
  • Antony is the most brilliant ebook designer I have ever worked with. I've lost count of how many projects we've undertaken together.

    Sandra, Webprenuers
  • Absolutely fabulous as usual! The guys all love your design, thank you times a million!

    Julie MacKenzie
  • I've worked with Antony and Cheryl at Ebook-Designs for what seems like forever now - I can't comprehend our business with out them! The design work exceeds expectation and they are a true pleasure to work with.

    Steph Chadwich, Phil M Jones