Judging a Book by its Cover

After what seems like decades spent locked in your spare room, away from your family, friends and loved ones – not to mention the hours of blood sweat and tears you’ve painstakingly invested – your literary masterpiece is finally completed. So, what now? Surely the best thing to do now is to get the thing on Amazon as quickly as possible and wait for the pennies to roll in? Well, not quite; first you need a cover design! An eye catching book cover design is one of the things that will draw attention to your title, helping it stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other books in your category.

Here are things to consider when creating a book cover:

  • Be sure that the style of your cover reflects the content of your book. From love stories to business guides, be sure to choose imagery, colours and typography that fit in with your marketplace or genre.
  • If you plan to sell on Kindle, the design should meet ebook cover best practices. Print covers aren’t always the same as ebook covers, so what works on the book stand won’t necessarily cut the mustard in a digital storefront.

Couldn’t I just go for a DIY option?

Well, of course you could, but would that really have the same impact as a professionally designed version? Ask yourself if you have the skills to produce something that looks the part and consider whether a home-made cover would give out the right message for your book.

Bear in mind that when a user conducts search on Amazon, it’s highly likely they’ll see a screen with literally dozens of covers to choose from. This means you often have less than one second to make a connection with your reader and grab their attention.

Lets illustrate the point. Below are two examples of book covers, the first is based on a real DIY cover we received in the past [although it wasn’t actually from this particular author], the second is a book cover designed by






In all honesty which book cover is more likely to catch your attention? Which one looks the more professional, eye catching and enticing to potential readers?

Sometimes, as an author, paying for a professional ebook cover design can seem like an additional expense that just isn’t worth it. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you can’t afford it, or it isn’t worth it. Time after time, a professionally designed cover will pay for itself [sometimes several times over] through the extra revenue it can attract. The question you need to ask is can you really afford not to have one?

Of course, there is no substitute for a well written, smartly formatted and carefully marketed ebook, so, no matter how great your cover looks, it’s not necessarily a golden ticket to becoming a bestseller overnight. However, if you’re ticking all of the other boxes, a well designed ebook cover can be the icing on the cake, leading to a more professional and polished appearance as well as increased sales.

Interested? Find out more about the ebook and book cover design services offered by today.


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  • Antony, I must say that I think you have produced something truly worthwhile and to be proud of.

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